What can people expect from therapy?


People enter into therapy for a variety of reasons. Your own therapy will evolve in a particular way that is based on your needs and experiences.

Psychotherapy is a process of learning how to become more present, and developing a deeper awareness of how you react to situations. It is a path to cultivating a capacity to heal, make changes and become more active in shaping your life. Therapy can help you to alleviate emotional pain, release regrets, improve your relationships, heal old wounds and trauma, change old habits, discover inner resources, understand core beliefs, attain your goals and develop a richer life.


What is EMDR?


EMDR is a phased, scientifically validated and integrative psychotherapy approach based on the theory that much of our emotional pain is due to disturbing life events. These result in the impairment of an individual’s innate ability to process and integrate the experience or experiences within the central nervous system. The core of EMDR involves activating components of an upsetting life event, and pairing those components with alternating bilateral or dual attention stimulation.  This process facilitates the resumption of balanced information processing and integration. This approach can result in the alleviation of presenting symptoms, diminution of distress from memory, improved view of the self, relief from bodily disturbance, and resolution of present and future anticipated triggers.  (EMDRIA Definition of EMDR Policy Reference 1.0)

For more information, see emdria.org, NYTimes Health research on EMDR


What is Somatic Experiencing?


Somatic Experiencing is a body-awareness approach. It works with the nervous system restoring self-regulation, and returns a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness.

When the nervous system is in balance, it functions like this:




Symptoms of undischarged traumatic stress function like this:



A healthy nervous system functions like this:


For more information about Somatic Experiencing (SE)




What is Energy Psychology (EFT)?


Emotional Freedom Technique, developed by Gary Craig, is "emotional acupuncture without needles." EFT is a powerful transformational tool. It involves tapping on specific acupoints while using focused affirmations and intention to alleviate emotional and physical distress. EFT has successfully been used for stress reduction, alleviation of fears and phobias, pain management, grief, performance enhancement in sports and creative arts, weight loss, smoking cessation and PTSD.


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